Finding the PERFECT foundation for you 👩🏽

Skin tone

Look at the veins on your wrist to determine whether your skin is warm or cool toned. 

Green veins -Warm toned 

Blue veins- cool toned 

Both – neutral

Skin type 

Oily skin- about three hours after washing your face, press a piece of paper on the side of your nose for a few seconds. If the paper becomes transparent, you have oily skin and should look into powder/ matte finish foundations. 

dry skin- take some tape and stick it to your cheek for about 30 seconds. If there is dry skin on the tape, you have dry skin and should buy a moisturising foundation. 

Combination- before washing your skin take a tissue and stick it to your face. If the tissue sticks in some places but not others, you have combination skin and should look for a product that says ‘for combination skin’. 

Skin colour

Look at this chart to help decide what kind of colour you need roughly.

I hope this helped you guys!



Favourite TV series📺

One of the best nights is the nights where you sit in a blanket and watch TV with popcorn and a hot chocolate. I thought I would share my top 5 favourite series!

1. PLL or Pretty Little Liars- it’s about 5 girls who are terrorised by a masked figure called A they call them this because when they get threatening messages it’s signed off by A. (Favourite series ever must watch).

2. Gossip girl- is a big group of people with lots of money and are really well known in New York City. And between all of the people there are massive arguments and drama.

3. Outnumbered- in this comedy series two parents try to maintain their careers whilst looking after their kids, I find this series very funny.

4. 90210- if you do watch gossip girl and like it then maybe you should try 90210 because it’s a sort of similar genre but the popular people have much different problems in their life and it’s set in Beverly Hills.

5. Life unexpected- and finally life unexpected, in this short series a young girl goes out in search for her parents as she was put up for adoption when she was born.

I love all of these series and if you have Netflix then all of these are on there I hope you try to watch some of them. – G xox 

Sleek crème to powder foundation 👸🏾

I wanted to start this post by apologising for not posting over the past few days, it’s been very crazy recently with breaking up from school and the hot weather which meant we spent more time outside! 

So anyway I recently bought the sleek crème to powder foundation, which cost me £7.99 from superdrug. Immediately after I applied this product, I realised how dark the colour was. It was the lightest colour in the store, so I though it would be okay, but it looked quite orange. It took about 30 minutes for it to oxidise, and although it was still very orange toned, I actually liked the colour and finish, even though it was quite dark compared to my natural skin tone, but as I said before, there wasn’t very many colours in store (about 8-10 I believe). This product was supposed to be oil free, but in some lights I felt it looked quite oily. The finish is super natural and I would say this is medium coverage, so perfect for those who don’t want a full coverage but just want something to even the skin tone! I also found it quite nice how the product came with a sponge (which works but is not the best) and also a mirror, which is good for travel if you don’t have space for any brushes of a mirror.

All in all this is honestly a good foundation, which is better than other ones I have tried in the past. 


You can buy this foundation on/in Superdrug or on the Sleek website

– T xox

Blog announcement✉️ 

We are sorry about the infrequent posting but we are currently on our summer holidays. During the summer holidays we’re going to take a break because we would like to have as much fun as possible. If something exciting happens or there is something like a product we’re loving then we may decide to write about it. We won’t ignore the blog if you do comment we will reply and be sure to check in everynow and then to see if we posted and we will let you know next time anything with the blog changes.

Thank you for being patient – G & T xox

Top 10 songs 🎼2016

I wanted to make a quick post to suggest some great songs that you can listen to all summer!

  1. One dance- Drake (ft wiz kid and kyla)
  2. Into you – Ariana grande
  3. Perfect strangers – Jonas blue
  4. Dont let me down – the chainsmokers (ft daya) 
  5. Tears – Clean bandit (ft Louisa Johnson)
  6. Too good – Drake (ft Rihanna)
  7. Send my love – Adele 
  8. Yoncé – Beyoncé 
  9. Pray you catch me – Beyoncè
  10. We don’t talk anymore – Charlie Puth (ft Selena Gomez)

Hope you give these songs a good listen!! 

– G xox

New look pure blush/pure dusk 💐

Pure blush
Pure dusk
These scents are both very pretty ones, that aren’t too harsh, but still stay on all day, and that’s my favourite thing about this! I can put them on and at the end of the day, it will still be there, and still smell really nice! 

When I was buying pure dusk, the women on the till said that the ingredients in it are the same as coco Chanel, which at first I didn’t believe, but after many people asking me if I was wearing coco Chanel, I began believing it. Now I can really smell it myself! 

The packaging is very pretty on these perfumes, and I like the mirror panel on pure blush lid, as I think it’s a really nice touch. I also like how many sizes they have! You can get a small 15 ml size for your bag, or 100 ml for home! And the prices are very inexpensive. 

I love these scents, and hope to try more from new look in the future, because of the long lasting formula and the wide range of scents!

– T xox

D.I.Y cute picture holder📸

Quite a while ago now I made a really cute decoration for my room and I’m very happy with it. And it wasn’t hard at all. I’m going to explain to you how to make it. You will need: 6 nails, 18 pegs, 3 metres of string, 18 small photos and fairy lights.

1. Measure out 3 pieces of string at around 1 metre long.

2. Grab 6 small nails and place 3 going down on one side about 15 cm apart, then do the same again about 1m opposite because that is where the string will go. 

3. Get the string and tie it around the nails so you end up with three lines of string on your wall.

4. Next you need to put up 6 pegs on each row evenly spaced along all three pieces of string.

5. You then need to grab your pictures and put them on, I tried to use smaller photos as I personally thought it looked better.

6. And finally add fairy lights around the outside of the string and it’s finished! 

I suggest you try this because in my opinion I think it’s really cute – G xox